To get started in surfing,
the right choice of board is crucial so that you don’t have to struggle for
long hours in the water. To progress effortlessly, here are some important

Concerning the choice of your
board, don’t be afraid to have a model with volume to optimize the buoyancy and
therefore the stability, so important at the beginning! But before choosing
your board, think about the price, and consider buying a used board, it will
save you time to buy it since you just have to order it, but it will also save
you money.

What type of board?

When you start out, opt for
boards with generous shapes, long and wide models in the Malibu and mini-malibu
spirit that will offer you maximum volume and therefore lift,

Hybrid or Fish surfboards are
good choices for an intermediate level but not for a complete beginner.

The size of the board is
proportional to your weight/height. In other words, the heavier you are, the
longer, wider and thicker the board should be. The length of a board is usually
expressed in feet, the Anglo-Saxon measure of length: 1 foot = 30.48 cm.

Less than 30 kg: Board
between 5’8” and 6’0”.

30 to 55 kg: Board between
7’0” and 8’0”.

55 to 85 kg: Board from 8’5”
and more

Foam or rigid?

A foam board is a more than
recommended choice when you’re just starting out. Foam absorbs shocks and reduces
the risk of accidents for yourself and others. This material is also known for
its flotation properties and therefore stability and general accessibility.

Finally, the foam board is
robust and will withstand shocks against the seabed or during transport.

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